5 Best Paying Microgaming Online Slots

5 Best Paying Microgaming Online Slots

Who could resist the temptation of 5 best paying microgaming online slots? First of all, the microgaming company has gained huge popularity among the slot gamblers. It is the one that could provide both premium software as well as hundreds of variations together. What are some names to try?

5 Best Paying Microgaming Online Slots

5 Best Paying Microgaming Online Slots

5 Best Paying Microgaming Online Slots


This game is made based on the popular children story entitled “A Christmas Carol”. Yes, the name of the game itself is taken from the main character of the story. Aside from Scrooge, the game developer also brings the other characters to the playground.

While playing, don’t miss the bonus round named “The Xmas Dinner”. In order to unlock this round, the players should get three symbols in total. In case the players didn’t know yet, the total coins for bonus prize is 10.000!

Hot Ink Slot

Who are the fans of tattoo? The Hot Ink Slot features a lot of slots featuring things related to tattoos. Even so, the aesthetic is not disappointing at all. While immersing in the game, the players could also get the promising pay check.

There are approximately a thousand way to win. It could be from the normal round, bonus round or free spinning. If the players care about the winning rate, then Hot Ink offers around 90% chance to win!

Jurassic Park

Among the top paying games, this game has the most pleasing visual. It was made by applying the latest visual effect system. Be prepared not only to appreciate the display, but also the 243 options to beat the reel.

Pay attention to the T-Rex mode. It keeps 35 wild cards on the side. Any of them might come out in six spinning turn. When it happens, the big bonus is awaiting!

Retro Reels Extreme Heat

Players who choose to play the game cannot leave the joy of the betting on the classic spinning machine. It has three reels in total, with lots of classic symbols on the display. In full player’s mode, the game could expand to five reels and up to 30 paylines.

As usual, the wild card and scatter symbol should be earned from several spinning. However, the retro reels game allows the players to do re-spinning. Simply click the button on the side!

Supernova Slot

The good thing from this game is the multiple bonus feature. Once the player gets the combination, then the bonus from the previous round will be multiplied by the number mentioned on the screen. In the other words, the calculation will be much bigger.

Borrowing the concept from constellation, it would be a lie to say that this game is not boring. Unless the players have special interest in stars, many would say that the visual is not that amazing.


Before playing the slot gambling, the players should be aware of the fact that slot machine might have different payout. One game might have lower or higher ratio than the others. Of course, anyone will be happier to get the one with bigger bonus. Have you tried to play the 5 best paying microgaming online slots? Play here Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia to get winnings.

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