Avoid These Strategies in Baccarat and You Will Win More

Known for its royal ambiance, baccarat is one of the top choices for classic casino game in land based casinos or even in online casinos like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. This simple game often played misleadingly with strategies unguaranteed to win. Oftentimes, those strategies make losses more prominent. Avoid these strategies in baccarat and you will win more. Here’s the list:

Avoid These Strategies in Baccarat and You Will Win More

Do Tie Bets on Every Chance Possible

The option to bet on tie is tempting. The odds are really high, and to win it may raise your profit significantly as well. It seems sweet, indeed – but the sweetness really just comes in numbers. Realistically speaking, the chance for a tie to happen in baccarat isn’t as lax as it is in soccer. Tie really doesn’t happen often, and that’s why the odds are high. Note as well that the house edge is the highest among baccarat options, which means that the high odds are a trap. If you want to win, avoid this strategy.


There are players that like to focus on scoreboard development. Most of times, they followed it too seriously. Don’t do this. It may seem logical to place your bets according to the results that had happened. However, this logic doesn’t work with baccarat, since each result comes out of pure randomness. So, the past results are coincidences written on a board. Following it, religiously even, will be a waste of time.

Progressive Betting Systems

Many bettors use progressive systems such as Martingale, Labouchere, Parolli, and many others. The system may appeal as a solid strategy, but they really don’t work. This is because those systems focus more on wager amount and targeting to recover loss with extra profit added. They don’t affect odds, house edge, or the result itself. So, they didn’t ensure your victory at all. Progressive betting systems are just bet generator with ideals.

Hot and Cold Seeking

Since the chance to win is unclear, some players like to search for a ‘hot’ table. If you don’t know, a ‘hot’ table means that the table is losing and it gives players more wins. “Cold’ table is the opposite of it. In machine games like slot, this strategy may help a bit with your luck. However, it will not work on baccarat. Why? It is because baccarat is a game of pure chance. Big chances are the table was giving consecutive win by coincidence on your watch. Don’t be fooled by your own expectations.

Bank Roll Management

Bank roll management is basically limiting the amount of money to use for betting. This strategy demands bettors to stay loyal to the money they have limited themselves. Again, this doesn’t help increasing odds or winning rate. However, it is a good choice for those having money management issues.

Know your way yet? Baccarat is ultimately another game of pure luck. As there are tips and strategies, they mostly only control the money used. They will never get you absolute win. So, stop chasing those strategies and try to avoid losses instead. Avoid these strategies in baccarat and you will win more. Happy betting!

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