France vs. Portugal: Can the French team rewrite the history again

France vs. Portugal: Can the French team rewrite the history again

Its 10th of august the judgment day is finally here when the carnival that stated in July will come to end when a team will relish the joy of victory while the other will live in sorrow of the defeat. The host that started the tournament with a bang with a unlikely hero and soon became the fan favorite and the Portugal team criticized for being lack suture but finally coming back to their strides in the semi final. This will be the final that will long live in the heart of everyone.

France vs. Portugal: Can the French team rewrite the history again

Well the French team has done it in the past as they have claimed the title once on their home soil and have always become the world champions as the hosts too but this win will not just be winning for the team. It will be a win for the whole nation, it will lift the spirit of the nation and the players will become the heroes. The scares of the attack on when France were playing are still fresh but that win could be the healing medicine for them. The team has undergone immense struggle and finally have merged as the worthy contenders of the tournament.

France vs. Portugal: Can the French team rewrite the history again

France vs. Portugal: Can the French team rewrite the history again

Can Cristiano Ronaldo achieve what Messi couldn’t?

The fight for supremacy has been quite old between the little master and the Portuguese goal machine. Both the players have loads of honors and personal records to their name that make their case strong but it is the trophies that Messi has won at Barcelona which gives him an upper hand over his bitter rival but Messi failure to land any international tournament could be a blessing for Ronaldo as he can claim a victory for his team and reign his supremacy over his arch nemesis.

The Griezmann factor

If I would say Antoine Griezmann has been the spider man for French team than no one would argue with the fact as he has been the savior for French team in two knockout encounters and has truly proved his worth over the course of the tournament that the goal threat he showed for Atelico Madrid last was not just for one thing as it will go on. He will be heavily guarded by the Real Madrid centre backs that will be willing to do everything they can to stop the French juggernaut to claim a victory for them.

Portugal has to forget the mistakes of 2004

It was 12 years before when Ronaldo was the most promising young talent in the world football playing his first major tournament where Portugal were in the finals and were one step away from the glory and the gold medals around their necks but the hosts pampered and gifted the title to the Greece team. 12 years later Cristiano Ronaldo who has become the best player in the world along with the experienced defender who were Also part of that finals will have to make sure that the same mistakes are not repeated again and Portugal become the European champions for the first time.

The best moment for Paul Pogba

Coming in to the tournament everyone had an eye on the maverick French Midfielder who was set to dictate the proceedings for France but after 6 matches the French team has tow unlikely heroes in the name of Griezmann and Payet which means that the Portuguese team will put a lesser emphasis on stopping Pogba rather than the other two which gives a perfect opportunity for Pogba to shine and win it for France.

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