Cricket is a game, which is much loved by many of the people around the world. In fact most of the cricket fans are die hard lovers of this game. One will never miss a game of the team who he or she is supporting. Those who know about the game will understand how important it is to win a match against their opponent team. Again losing a match means a lot. However, the ones who are not accustomed to the game or does not follow cricket too much will think of this game as a slow paced. This is the very reason why many people do not feel interested in watching cricket match.

Cricket has become passion for many, not because they like to play it but because it is a big time game. Once you establish yourself in a perfect position and goes on playing constant matches under some recognition, you certainly will gain fame in a very short span of time. Many young aspirants are their spread all over the world trying to get themselves to a perfect position (here we are talking about the international games) but hardly anyone manages to reach to that height. But once you are in that position there is no looking back.




Cricket is all about scores. It is played between two teams, one who gives target to the opponent team in one innings and the other team chases the target in second innings. If the first team succeeds to defend their score at the end of both the innings, they are declared winners of the match. However if they fails to do so, the opponent team wins the matches. This is basically how it works.

If you are new to this game, you might get confused as what really we are talking about here. The concept of the game is quite simple. There will be two teams, the one who wins the toss at the beginning will try to score as much runs as possible in their entire innings, while the players from the opponent team will have to prevent them to score a big target.

This was just a single match. Similar other matches held in a single tournament, which decides the ultimate champion of the whole tournament. There may be as many teams as possible as per the requirements of a tournament. Sometimes there are only three teams playing at a time to 10-2 teams playing in a single tournament. It completely depends on the board members to decide.

How Cricket is being played?

As stated, the team who wins the toss comes to bat with their two batsman on a pitch one is standing at a striker end and the other is at non-strike end. The opponent team has their 11 players on the field preventing the batsman to score any runs. The main intention of the bowlers is to take as many wickets as possible during the first innings, which will prevent the other team to score any runs. The same thing goes to the team who sets a target score in the first innings but the only thing will change during the second innings is that, now they have to defend the score which with have set during the first innings. This goes on until a final decision is made at the end of both the innings and one team is declared the winner of the match.

Match Formats

There are several match formats, which is being followed by the board officials. For instance, T20 format in which a single innings comprises of 20 overs, One Day Series in which a single innings comprises of 50 overs. A single over consists of 6 balls at a time i.e. whenever a bowler comes in, he or she will have maximum of 6 balls in a single over.

Apart from these formats, earlier there was Test Series in which a single match used to continue for days. However, this match format is now outdated and is not played much often now a days.

Fair Play

The whole match of cricket is monitored by set of two umpires in the field and the third umpire sits behind screen to monitor the match digitally. These three referees ensure fair play in whole match and makes sure that no player indulges in any kind of mal practice.

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