Sports is a general name for a combination of very many games, sports have been there for ages, and believed sports started 2000BC in northern Africa mostly in Egypt.

Sports have created competitions whereby many teams or people come together and compete for prizes, these competitions are different depending on the type of game that is being played, for example a game such as soccer a league can be created where a certain number of teams are required to participate, when a team wins or draws a certain number of points are given out. These competitions have made many people rich, since big prizes are normally given to winners of any competition especially in developed countries. In developing countries some competitions are created just for fun and to pass time.




Some people use drugs during sports so as to strengthen them and be in a position to perform better. Nowadays it is absolutely illegal to use any drug especially a drug to strength your body in any competition, a player can be disqualified from the competition or even banned to ever participate in any sports thereafter.

Cheating has also been done in sports, such as fixing results whereby the participates decide on the outcome of a game even before playing the game itself. This cheating has increased shortly after betting companies have started, this is where the two teams or individuals bet the game and play it according to the way they have fixed the game. The betting sites have also joined in such a way they manipulate matches so as to reduce any losses especially massive loses.

Sports have also created violence, violence can rise between teams, individuals or even fans. This occurs where one side feels that the game wasn’t fair at all. Or a player has been badly fouled. Players can fight between themselves or even fans fight against themselves. A new rule has been approved whereby a player can be banned for starting a fight or even a team if the fans don’t behave as the game is being played, this has highly reduced violence. Especially those who do sports as a career.

More about Sports

Sports has not left behind the disabled. In Olympics one can see the disabled also participating, this has helped them feel that they are part of the society. The cripples also compete by use of special wheelchairs specifically designed for this competition. Sports has brought a union between the disabled and the normal people.

Gender equality has also been insisted whereby you find females play games that were believed to be played by men only such as soccer, boxing etc. when both the males and females can play same type of games this makes them feel that they are not inferior to the males. Many females have earned a living from sports and can live comfortably with no financial problems.

Youth are also encouraged to join in sports since most of them are energetic. Most youth waste themselves by idling around. Sports helps to keep them busy and also helps to exercise their bodies. Most youth have used this chance to identify their talents. Some youth make millions of money from sports as young as they are. Hence sports can be a source of income and living

Sports have also improved technology, in such a way where by incase of a very big competition such as world cup, you find many people buy electronics such as Television to enable them watch this games as they are being played. Since one isn’t needed to be at the stadium personally.

In conclusion sports is a crucial part in today’s world.

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